Does self-affirmations really works?

I have been for a long while skeptical about self-affirmations, does it really work? I even remember this guy at the gym making fun of people that put their dreams in a sticky note on the fridge.

I was never able to practice it for more than 1 day or 2. When you believe something doesn’t work, it simply doesn’t.

One day I was listening to a short audiobook, and I learned about a technique called lofty questions.

It’s simply a question that is meant to get the answers from your subconscious mind. Let’s say for example you want to be more self-confident, the lofty question will be Why I’m I so self-confident? Why I’m generous ? Why I’m amazing?

At first sight, you might think that it’s a trick and that it doesn’t work, but the amazing part is how you’ll get answers to that why, and that’s powerfull since it helps taking the subconscious belief of not being something into finding reasons for believing so.

I added this practice to my journaling habit for a while, and I loved it.

Then I stumbled this book,the power of your subconscious mind joseph murphy. I was eager to read it, and was open to the concepts it’s was about to bring me and indeed, I loved the book and it influenced me a lot.

It convinced me that our subconscious mind is simply beyond powerful.

And that made me start thinking, self-affirmations might work.

But I had an issue, how do you make a self-affirmation?I don’t feel anything with the random self-affirmations on youtube.I needed something that made sense, that comes from my inside.

Because after all, nobody wants to know his own weaknesses so, self-affirmations is like pin-pointing your own weaknesses.

I finally ended up using a very simply trick.

I simply write the following statementsin my notebook and wait for my subconscious to give me the answers:

I wish I was better at …..

I wish I was more …..

As soon as I write that in a piece of paper, I got a huge list of wishes, I wish I was more disciplined, I wish I was better at tracking my expenses etc. and this simply means that I don’t believe I have those qualities or my belief isn’t strong enough.

After I got that list, I turned them into self-affirmation /lofty quesionts. What makes me disciplined? Why do I have a good accent? Why I’m good at tracking my expenses. The answers to these questions helps to see the full part of the cup.

And to make this practice more powerfull I have that list in my notenook and I have been reading it for about a month so far.

What I can tell, is I feel that for a lot of those wishes, my mind is helping more to work and find solutions to be better. While in a default setup, the mind simply keeps your reminding you of how bad you are at something, but now if you turn it into a question you’ll know why you’re good at that. And if you’re not really good at it, your mind will find ways to help you.

So, how about taking a piece of paper and writing your wishes? You can start by picking up 5 wishes, turning them into self-affirmations or a lofty question and read them before you go to sleep since that’s the most powerful timing for letting it sink into your subconscious, you could even record yourself saying those lofty questions or self-affirmations.

I hope this article was helpful, you can leave a comment and tell me if you made the practice.

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  1. Amazing article 😍 I enjoyed reading it
    I will definitely use this trick and want to read more !

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