My 2022 year in Review, milestones and more!

   This is part of the practice I have developed in the recent years, a non exhaustiv list of milestones, best podcast episodes, best musics, books I have read and loved etc.

I’ll be very simple and short, 2022 was extremely rich for me and moving to New York is going to be a game changer from now on.

Although these lists contains only the positive experiences, I had negative experiences too.

But the ideal is to use the paretto law (The 20/80 Rule) and get rid completely of the negative causes of bad experiences, and multiply the positive experiences.

You can do it in 30 minutes, a table with 2 columns one column with POSITIVE, and the other with NEGATIVE. And write down the experiences that comes to mind for each one.

I have been journaling  since 2017 so it’s easier for me to look at my Journal and see what made me happy, what I have accomplished and how I can improve it.

Also it seems easier to improve on a milestone than creating new ones so even publishing for example 2 articles for me in 2022 is a great milestone, since I’ve started the publishing practice and all I have to do now is to keep being consistant.

So no more new year resolutions, just keep improving what you’ve already built!


  1. Achieved my 5 years goal  for living abroad
  2. Healing my Shoulder injury
  3. Talking to strangers in events, on the train, street, Gym and making new friends
  4. Teaching Mindfulness (MBSR) in New York
  5. Landing the first Client in Branding
  6. From 0 to being able to do 10 Pullups
  7. From 20 pushup max to 35 pushup in a row
  8. Ability to do more than 5 dips
  9. Being able to stand one minute in Pomsey Chaze, a secret korean practice to keep your back in good health
  10. Overall, recorded 4 episodes of podcast and posted 3 of them.
  11. Have been featured in moroccan national radio : تعلمت اليابانية فست شهور والصينية فشهرين  ナニさんとウサマさん
  12. Hoshinsol self defense martial art 1st dan

Product related milestones

  1. Lunched MVP of skerlingo app available soon for the public
  2. Teached mindfulness to people in NYC
  3. Japanese cards concept almost finalized
  4. Completed the algorythm for appraoching Japanese vocabulary and wrote about 350 story for that

Books I have read in 2022

  1. How to Never Split a Difference x 4
  2. How to steal like an artist x 2
  3. Atomic Habits x 2
  4. The compound effect
  5. Deep Work for Focused success
  6. The psychology of money
  7. What to say x 2
  8. Goals Brian Tracy
  9. No excuses Brian Tracy
  10. The power of self-confidence
  11. Psychological Warfare
  12. Contagious
  13. Zero to One
  14. The Red book – Carles Gustav young x 2 (Probably need more readings)
  15. The lean startup
  16. Master your emotions
  17. Solving the Procrastination Puzzle
  18. The unfair advantage

Podcasts Episodes that I loved in 2022

  1. ADHD & How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus | Huberman Lab Podcast #37
  2. The 3 BIGGEST REASONS Why MOST Relationships DON’T LAST! (How To Find Love)  | Matthew Hussey
  3. Science-Based Tools for Increasing Happiness | Huberman Lab Podcast #98
  4. The Science of Making & Breaking Habits | Huberman Lab Podcast #53
  6. Géopolitique de la Connaissance | Conférence au Cercle Aristote
  7. Dr. Emily Balcetis: Tools for Setting & Achieving Goals | Huberman Lab Podcast #83
  8. Idriss ABERKANE “Comment libérer notre cerveau ?”
  9. One on One: Alexandr Dugin, special representative of the Russian president

Music that I keep listening to

  1. Fritz Kalkbrenner & Ben Böhmer – Bright (Official Audio)
  2. The Blaze – Territory (Official Video)
  3. Balti – Ya Hasra (Official Music Video)
  4. Krishna Theme | Krish theme | Flute cover By Lakhinandan Lahon
  5. Cairokee – Ya Abyad Ya Eswed كايروكي – يا أبيض يا أسود
  6. Stereopony feat Kariyushi58 – Tatoeba Utaenaku Nattara
  7. [HD] (Sub Spanish) T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love) & TTL Listen 2
  8. DeMajor Feat. Lizwi – Traveller (Kususa & QueTornik Official Remix)

Music playlist set that I keep listening to

  1. Miss Monique at the Biosphere Museum, in Montreal, Canada for Cercle
  2. N’to live @ Tour Saint-Jacques in Paris, France for Cercle
  3. Ash – Live at Bonjuk Bay
  4. Bedouin live at Petra, Jordan for Cercle

I welcomed the new year with a plunge in the cold waters of coney island beach in New York, and that was a fantastic way to flip the page of 2022 and start fresh, as it’s part of the culture of welcoming the New Year, I’m looking forward having this experience again.

I wish you the best for 2023 and let me know if you would like any clarification, summary or more infos about any item on these lists!

Stay awesome in 2023!

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